How To Repair, Remove and Install Smoke Detectors.

Chirping smoke alarm. Some smoke detectors have a (low or missing battery) monitor circuit witch causes the alarm to chirp when the battery gets low. A fresh battery should be replaced once a year. You can silence the chirping for 13 hours by pressing the test button with some smoke detectors. Then replace old battery with new battery.

How to remove smoke detector. 1. Turn off the main power to the circuit before removing the smoke alarm. 2. Rotate the alarm counter clockwise. 3. To disconnect the electric wire harness from the smoke detector. Squeeze the locking arms on the sides of the connector while pulling the connector away from the smoke detector.

Some smoke detectors are equipped with red and green indicator lights. The green light (when illuminated) indicates the presence of electricity. The red light will flash every 40 seconds to indicate that the smoke alarm is working properly.

1. Test Smoke detectors 1 time a month.
2. Replace batteries 2 times a year.
3. Replace smoke detectors every 5 years.
4. Never remove a smoke detector without having a new one to install.
5. Hire a licensed electrician to install smoke detectors.
6. Never work on live electrical wires.